Sunday, November 11, 2018


THE DEVIL'S FINGERS is the third installment in the One Size Eats All series. Just like the previous two books, THE DEVIL'S FINGERS is first-rate fun. Hunter Shea writes like a man running against time. At this pace, he could easily write over one hundred books–all with top-notch-quality. Shea brings the nostalgia and the coolest creatures imaginable. His stories are fast-paced. Shea's books never bog down with characterization and backstory. 

Botanist Autumn Winters and her cohorts stumbled upon a field of Octopus Stinkhorn (Clathrus Archeri) also known as Devil's Fingers deep in the woods of Washington. Two of Autumn's companions made the grave mistake of touching the Devil's Fingers. Fleshly gelatinous pods start growing on their skin. They feed off of their blood. Autumn watched as her friends turned into human-fungal hybrid monstrosities. As the story progresses, more is revealed. Confusion and chaos reign supreme. 

THE DEVIL'S FINGERS is paranoia-fueled rampage with tentacles galore. What's not to like? I mean, there are scenes in this book I can't unsee. I was thoroughly grossed out, yet I couldn't stop reading. I checked my own skin from time to time. You know, just to make sure I didn't have any pods growing on me. 

The characters really grew on me... like fleshly gelatinous pods. I was cheering them on as they figured out what was happening. The characters were fully fleshed out. Hunter Shea had me guessing the whole time. I didn't know which character would be next. I didn't know what was going to happen next. The ending is heavy AF. My mind went ninety to nothing, trying to calculate the bigger picture Shea painted so vividly. It's bleak AF. 

I've been telling people about Hunter Shea for a couple years now. If you haven't read him, then what are you waiting for? His stories are fun and they span the horror genre. He has written something for everyone. If you like tentacles as much as me, then you are going to love this book. 

Strongly Recommend!

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