Friday, November 9, 2018

E.T. SAVES CHRISTMAS by John M.L. Heatley

Sometimes, I come across random indie horror gems on Kindle Unlimited. I was looking through the Kindle Store and found this short story. I saw E.T. on the cover and fell in love. Add E.T. and Christmas together and you get one helluva good time. I want to make the cover into a Christmas card. Just look at that elf outfit, guys.

E.T. SAVES CHRISTMAS is set in the future. Elliot is in his twenties and E.T.'s race has declared war on humans. Elliot and E.T. have been traveling the universe for several years. Their relationship and the way they talk to each other made me laugh. I thought their dialogue kept things fresh. Earth is in trouble. Santa Claus is under attack. As people are being killed, Santa sends a help signal into space, hoping E.T. will come to the rescue. That is when things get entertaining. 

I love the author's take on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I like how the author played to their strength with E.T. and Elliot's relationship. Santa is no saint in this one, guys. The ending is abrupt but satisfying. E.T. SAVES CHRISTMAS is a fun story from start to finish. The writing is a little clunky with some passive voice and a few editing issues, but it's not too bad for an author's debut story. 

E.T. SAVES CHRISTMAS is the kind of story I live for. I hope more people read this one. I thought it was a fun read. Now, I need an elf E.T. action figure. 


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