Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Starring Michael Rogen, Patty Mullen, Kristin Davis, Ruth Collins

Directed by Richard Friedman

Distributed by Arrow Video

The 80s has become a fixture in horror films as of late. Filmmakers are looking to cash in on the 80s nostalgia. Well, you can't get more 80s than DOOM ASYLUM. It has some really great elements, but those things are overshadowed by the gaping plot holes, the annoying characters, and the odd transitions. The special effects are decent for a low budget film. The production cost for DOOM ASYLUM was $90,000 and for better or worse it shows. 

DOOM ASYLUM tried its best to be a horror-comedy, but it doesn't even come close. The poor dialogue and the one-dimensional characters delivering those bad lines were no help either. The characters fit the generic horror bill. You have the outcasts, the nerd, the jock and his cheerleader/blonde girlfriend, the minority character, and the final girl. The only thing that surprised me in DOOM ASYLUM was the final girl. 

DOOM ASYLUM starts off with Mitch (Michael Rogen) and his lover, Judy (Patty Mullen) crashing their vehicle into a tree. Judy dies in the crash, while Mitch is scratched and bruised. It isn't clear if Mitch dies in the crash, but the film cuts to a morgue scene where Mitch wakes up looking like a dime store zombie. He kills the coroner and his assistant. The film suddenly jumps to ten years later and Mitch is a local legend. Mitch supposedly haunts the old, abandoned asylum and kills intruders with autopsy tools. 

The only "teen" actor still in business today is Kristin Davis from Sex and the City fame. The five teens head to the asylum to hang out and party. They run into a band called Tina and the Tots. Tina (Ruth Collins) has the worst laugh and her performance is abysmal.   The "teens" split up and check things out. Mitch kills them one by one in grotesque ways. The special effects used in this film are not the best, which I'm guessing is due to budget restraints. 

DOOM ASYLUM goes for the funny dialogue in the vein of Freddy Kreuger but it misses the mark by a mile. DOOM ASYLUM quickly turns into a dumb victim film. The victims just stand there and let Mitch murder them in heinous ways. None of them try to fight back or flee, save for the main character. 

Favorite Moments:

1. Mitch cuts the toes off Mike's (William Hay) foot, but you can clearly see it is rubber. 

2. Godiva spray paints a line through men's and sprays "persons" below it on a bathroom door.  

3. When Dennis' (Kenny L. Price) baseball cards are ruined and the wind blows one of the cards into the asylum. It is obvious that the baseball card was pulled by a string. 

4. When Darnell (Harrison White) has a romantic daydream sequence where he runs and embraces Rapunzel in a field.

Overall, DOOM ASYLUM isn't good. The storyline has plot holes. The acting is terrible. The special effects weren't anything to write home to mom about. 

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