Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Starring Michael Rogen, Patty Mullen, Kristin Davis, Ruth Collins

Directed by Richard Friedman

Distributed by Arrow Video

The 80s has become a fixture in horror films as of late. Filmmakers are looking to cash in on the 80s nostalgia. Well, you can't get more 80s than DOOM ASYLUM. It has some really great elements, but those things are overshadowed by the gaping plot holes, the annoying characters, and the odd transitions. The special effects are decent for a low budget film. The production cost for DOOM ASYLUM was $90,000 and for better or worse it shows. 

DOOM ASYLUM tried its best to be a horror-comedy, but it doesn't even come close. The poor dialogue and the one-dimensional characters delivering those bad lines were no help either. The characters fit the generic horror bill. You have the outcasts, the nerd, the jock and his cheerleader/blonde girlfriend, the minority character, and the final girl. The only thing that surprised me in DOOM ASYLUM was the final girl. 

DOOM ASYLUM starts off with Mitch (Michael Rogen) and his lover, Judy (Patty Mullen) crashing their vehicle into a tree. Judy dies in the crash, while Mitch is scratched and bruised. It isn't clear if Mitch dies in the crash, but the film cuts to a morgue scene where Mitch wakes up looking like a dime store zombie. He kills the coroner and his assistant. The film suddenly jumps to ten years later and Mitch is a local legend. Mitch supposedly haunts the old, abandoned asylum and kills intruders with autopsy tools. 

The only "teen" actor still in business today is Kristin Davis from Sex and the City fame. The five teens head to the asylum to hang out and party. They run into a band called Tina and the Tots. Tina (Ruth Collins) has the worst laugh and her performance is abysmal.   The "teens" split up and check things out. Mitch kills them one by one in grotesque ways. The special effects used in this film are not the best, which I'm guessing is due to budget restraints. 

DOOM ASYLUM goes for the funny dialogue in the vein of Freddy Kreuger but it misses the mark by a mile. DOOM ASYLUM quickly turns into a dumb victim film. The victims just stand there and let Mitch murder them in heinous ways. None of them try to fight back or flee, save for the main character. 

Favorite Moments:

1. Mitch cuts the toes off Mike's (William Hay) foot, but you can clearly see it is rubber. 

2. Godiva spray paints a line through men's and sprays "persons" below it on a bathroom door.  

3. When Dennis' (Kenny L. Price) baseball cards are ruined and the wind blows one of the cards into the asylum. It is obvious that the baseball card was pulled by a string. 

4. When Darnell (Harrison White) has a romantic daydream sequence where he runs and embraces Rapunzel in a field.

Overall, DOOM ASYLUM isn't good. The storyline has plot holes. The acting is terrible. The special effects weren't anything to write home to mom about. 

Monday, November 26, 2018


I have really been thinking about horror films lately. I love watching horror and always have. From a young age, my diet consisted of slashers and psychological horror. Horror films just speak to me, you know? I love cheering for the baddies. I like seeing how many kills the killer ends up with. I like seeing the different special effects used in horror films. I like watching how special effects are made. 

I miss going to the drive-in. I miss hearing about obscure films that never get the recognition they deserve. I want to shine a light on the films that get overlooked. I want to watch and review the movies that never make the best of lists. I love talking about all things horror. 

So, I've decided to start reviewing horror films. I watch tons of horror movies, so why not review and promote them? I'm going to start reviewing horror films this week. I want to start reviewing horror TV shows, too. If you guys have a horror film or TV show you want me to review, just let me know in the comments below. As always, thanks for stopping by. 

RADIO RUN by Eddie Generous

Publisher: Severed Press
Publication Date: September 26, 2018
Pages: 183

Eight criminals face a terrifying fight for survival as they try to make it to Alaska and freedom. 

Eddie Generous has proven himself as a solid creator and editor of both Unnerving and Unnerving Magazine. He's also proven himself as a solid writer. RADIO RUN is his first full-length book and it doesn't disappoint. It's a creature feature on a grand scale. It is a fine concoction of cryptids. Generous' writing is easy to read, which means I read this one rather quickly. From the cover to the last page, RADIO RUN is ruthless and unrelenting. It is non-stop balls to the wall action. 

RADIO RUN is full of death, destruction, and savagery–just the way I like it. The eight criminals must brave the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is North America. That's nothing compared to what else awaits the poor travelers. Cryptids lurk about and the creatures are starving for food. I'm talking mega whales, giant bugs, and Sasquatch. The eight criminals must survive at all costs. 

RADIO RUN is a really bleak tale. I didn't care much for the characters. I was rooting for the cryptids the whole time. And Eddie delivered plenty of cryptids. RADIO RUN is full of edge of your seat action. It's a real nail-biter. 

I really enjoyed the boat scene with the giant octopus. I have a thing for tentacles, but you already knew that. Tentacles slap over the side of the boat. Yep. You're in for a treat. 

RADIO RUN is well edited. The story is smooth. The characters were good. The cryptids were the best part. The ending will leave you with a smile on your face. So, do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this book. 

Eddie Generous has proven himself once again. I'll definitely check out his forthcoming work. 

Friday, November 23, 2018


Publisher: Alien Agenda Publishing
Publication Date: June 19, 2018
Pages: 241

The White Wolf, the Beast of Brenton Woods, a legendary creature said to walk like a man. When the full moon rises, it will feast.

Jackson R. Thomas gets things going in a hurry. There's tons of blood, gore, and mayhem. Flesh is ripped and torn apart. Blood pours from the pages. The werewolf hasn't been seen for years. Over time, the creature is becomes a local legend, mere folklore. All that changes for the residents of Coopers Mills. 

Thomas gets things going in the first chapter, folks! I'm talking the first couple of pages. The ferocious beast is hell-bent on revenge. The hulking beast is bloodthirsty and it will stop at nothing, so protect your neck. As the body count starts to rise, the hunter becomes the hunted. 

There is plenty of silver bullet action for all to enjoy. THE BEAST OF BRENTON WOODS is very much a classic werewolf story. There is a lot of characters in this book. I was invested in Ben and Deputy Kathy Wilcox, but I didn't care what happened to the rest of the characters. I just wanted the werewolf to mutilate their bodies. The story line is smooth and I like how the author left things open for a sequel. I would very much like to revisit Coopers Mills. Hell, I would totally live in Coopers Mills. 

If you like werewolves, then this book is for you. THE BEAST OF BRENTON WOODS is a solid debut. I can't wait to read Thomas' future work. 


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

"Flicka Da Wrist" by Freddy Krueger

THE SORROWS by Jonathan Janz

Publisher: Flame Tree Press
Publication Date: December 1, 2018
Pages: 288

THE SORROWS is Jonathan Janz's debut novel. It's a helluva way to start a writing career. Flame Tree Press is set to re-release THE SORROWS on December 1st. You'll want to grab a copy of this one. THE SORROWS doesn't read like a typical debut. The entire book is strong; there are no weaknesses. Jonathan Janz's delivery is spot on. The foreboding is incredible. There is so much to love about THE SORROWS. Most authors try to find their voice with their first book, but Janz figured it out on his first try. Janz's unique style is on full display in THE SORROWS. 

Ben Shadeland and Eddie Blaze are the hottest young music composers in Hollywood. They are coming off an Oscar nomination and they've been selected to score a big-budget horror film for Lee Stanley, the most prominent director in film. Ben's been put through the wringer and his music has suffered. Eddie knows just the place to get Ben's creative juices flowing once again. Chris Blackwood is the heir to Blackwood estate and he needs money, so he lets Ben, Eddie, Claire Harden (an inspiring composer), and Eva Rosales (Lee Stanley's gorgeous assistant) stay a month in Castle Blackwood. Castle Blackwood is located on the Sorrows, an island off the coast of northern California. The island and its castle have been uninhabited since a series of gruesome, unexplained murders in 1925. Are you game yet? 

Jonathan Janz doesn't use the tired, old haunted house tropes as a crutch. THE SORROWS transcends the haunted house genre. On one hand, there's the haunted castle, and on the other, there are haunted people. How cool is that? Janz turns it up a notch. The scenes are arresting and vivid. You can't unsee them. Some of the scenes will make you shake and shiver. There is one scene that I had to stop reading and close the book because it completely unnerved me. I finished reading the scene the following morning. 

The way Janz intertwines the history of the castle with the present is stunning. I also like how he builds his characters–he does it with a swiftness. The dialogue is spot on. The story flows well and it is layered perfectly. THE SORROWS is like a chocolate layered cake; it's so delicious you'll want to devour it in one sitting. From start to finish, THE SORROWS is engrossing. THE SORROWS You won't see any of it coming. Janz knocks this one out of the park.

If you dig THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL or HELL HOUSE, then THE SORROWS is the book for you. I still can't believe this is Janz's debut. THE SORROWS reads like a seasoned pro wrote it. I can't wait for the rest of Janz's backlist to drop next year at  Flame Tree Press. Give 'em to me now, please. 


Monday, November 19, 2018

Music Monday: "Nightmare On My Street" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

"Nightmare On My Street"

[Fresh Prince:]
Now I have a story that I'd like to tell
About this guy you all know him, he had me scared as hell!
He comes to me at night after I crawl into bed
He's burnt up like a weenie and his name is Fred!
He wears the same hat and sweater every single day
And even if it's hot, outside he wears it anyway!
He's gone when I'm awake but he shows up when I'm asleep
I can't believe that there's a nightmare - on my street!

[Fresh Prince:]
It was a Saturday evening if I remember it right
And we had just gotten back off tour last night
So the gang and I thought that it would be groovy
If we summoned up the posse and done rushed the movies
I got Angie, Jeff got Tina
Ready Rock got some girl I'd never seen in my life
That was all right because the lady was chill
Then we dipped to the theater set to ill
We saw Elm Street and man it was def
And everything seemed all right when we left
But when I got home and laid down to sleep
That began the nightmare, but on my street!

[Fresh Prince:]
It was burnin in my room like an oven
My bed soaked with sweat, and man, I was buggin
I checked the clock and it stopped at 12:30
It had melted it was so darn hot, and I was thirsty
I went downstairs to grab some juice or a coke
Flipped the TV off, and then I almost choked
When I heard this awful voice comin from behind
It said, "You cut off 'Heavy Metal' and now you must die!"
Man, I ain't even wait to see who it was
Broke outside my drawers and screamed, "So long, cuz!"
Got halfway up the block I calmed down and stopped screamin
Then thought, "Oh, I get it, I must be dreamin"
I strolled back home with a grin on my grill
I figured since this is a dream I might as well get ill
I walked in the house, the Big Bad Fresh Prince
But Freddy killed all that noise real quick
He grabbed me by my neck and said, "Here's what we'll do.
We gotta lotta work here, me and you.
The souls of your friends you and I will claim.
You've got the body, and I've got the brain."
I said, "Yo Fred, I think you've got me all wrong.
I ain't partners with NOBODY with nails that long!
Look, I'll be honest man, this team won't work.
The girls won't be on you, Fred your face is all burnt!"
I patted him on the shoulder said, "Thanks for stopping by."
Then I opened up the door and said, "Take care guy!"
He got mad, drew back his arm, and slashed my shirt
I laughed at first, then thought, "Hold up, that hurt!"
It wasn't a dream, man, this guy was for real
I said, "Freddy, uh, pal, there's been an awful mistake here."
No further words and then I darted upstairs
Crashed through my door then jumped on my bed
Pulled the covers up over my head
And said, "Oh please do somethin with Fred!"
He jumped on my bed, went through the covers with his claws
Tried to get me, but my alarm went off
And then silence! It was a whole new day
I thought, "Huh, I wasn't scared of him anyway."
Until I noticed those rips in my sheets
And that was proof that there had been a nightmare, on my street

[Fresh Prince:]
Oh man, I gotta call Jeff, I gotta call Jeff
Come on, come on
Come on Jeff, answer
Come on, man

[Jazzy Jeff:]

[Fresh Prince:]
Jeff, this is Prince, man
Jeff, wake up,
Jeff, wake up

[Jazzy Jeff:]
What do you want?

[Fresh Prince:]
Jeff, wake up, man,
listen to me, Jeff

[Jazzy Jeff:]
It's three o'clock in the mornin, what do you want?
[Fresh Prince:]
Jeff, Jeff, would you listen to me?
Listen, whatever you do, don't fall asleep

[Jazzy Jeff:]

[Fresh Prince:]
Jeff, listen to me, don't go to sleep, Jeff

[Jazzy Jeff:]
Look, look, I'll talk to you tomorrow, I'm going to bed


[Jazzy Jeff:]

[Fresh Prince:]
Jeff! Jeff!

Ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!

[Jazzy Jeff:]

[Fresh Prince:]


[Jazzy Jeff:]
Jeff! Answer me, Jeff!

I'm your D.J. now, Princey!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa!

Music Monday: "Nightmare On Elm Street" by Misfits

I lie in bed at night
And I'm afraid to sleep
God if I close my eyes
I pray my soul to keep
I tell them from this monster
But they don't understand
They can't feel the slash
Of freddy's hand

Nightmare on elm street
Where I'm trapped inside a dream
Nightmare on elm street
Where no one can hear me scream

A bastard son of 1000 maniacs
Locks us inside his hell
We must send him back
Killed him once
Burning him alive
Kill him twice
Drag him to the other side

Nightmare on elm street
Where I'm trapped inside a dream
Nightmare on elm street
Where no one can hear me scream

Nightmare on elm street (oh oh oh)
Where I'm trapped inside a dream
Nightmare on elm street (oh oh oh)
Where no one can hear me scream

Wohh wohh oh whooum

I lie in bed at night
And I'm afraid to sleep
God if I close my eyes
I pray my soul to keep
I tell them from this monster
But they don't understand
They can't feel the slash
Of freddy's hand

Nightmare on elm street (oh oh oh)
Where I'm trapped inside a dream
Nightmare on elm street (oh oh oh)
Where no one can hear me scream

Nightmare on elm street (oh oh oh)
Where I'm trapped inside a dream
Nightmare on elm street (oh oh oh)
Where no one can hear me scream

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Interview With Tim McWhorter

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer? 

As a lifelong reader, I always fantasized about how very cool it would be to have a book sitting on a bookstore shelf with my name on the spine. But that distinction was set aside for an elite group of people. Once I realized that you didn’t have to be a hot shot writer living in NYC to get published, I started to take my writing more seriously and working toward that dream. I was encouraged by coming across authors I knew had come from Podunk towns in middle America who were signing book contracts with real publishers. 

What does your writing schedule look like? 

I’ve found I write best in the morning. Lately, I’ve been getting up at 5 a.m., grabbing some coffee and writing for about an hour before work every day. I get more done with a bonafide routine than simply trying to squeeze in an hour here or there. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, you can find me at the local coffee shop. 

Do you have any interesting writing rituals? If so, what are they?

Not sure how interesting it is, but I like to listen to music while I write. Specifically, film scores. Nothing with lyrics that might entice me to sing along and lose focus on the writing. Otherwise, I write mostly on my laptop, so I don’t have that lucky pen or notebook or coffee mug that I need to use every time. I’m pretty boring.

Do you like writing short stories or novels? 

I like both. Short stories can be fun and great exercise, but are limiting. You have to focus on the key points and leave out all of the fluff. Novel writing allows me to stretch my legs a little, add a little more detail. The problem is that it takes me forever to write a novel, whereas I can produce a short story in a week or so.

How is the horror scene where you live? 

It’s actually pretty good. There are several very talented and successful horror writers here in Central Ohio. We’ve even established an Ohio Chapter of the Horror Writers Association recently. I’m looking forward to meeting even more like-minds and seeing what kind of trouble we can stir up.

Do you use outlines or do you go with the flow? 

For short stories, I wing it. For novels, I will chart out the story to a point, but nothing is set in stone. Things change all the time and sometimes entire chapters I thought needed written go out the window.

How did publishing your first book or short story change your writing process? 

My first book, a novella titled Shadows Remain, gave me a taste of being published that I needed more of. Sharing my story with the world, while terrifying, became a drug. Writing went from something I did a little of here and there when I had time, to a focused priority in my life. I told myself (and my family) that if I was going to do this at all, I didn’t want to just be that guy that wrote a book one time. I wanted to be a full-fledged author of books. Thankfully, everyone has been nothing but supportive.

What do you think makes a good horror story? 

I think for me, it’s all about the fear and tension. Horror gets my heart racing, and that’s one of the things I like about it. If I can’t turn the pages fast enough, it’s probably a good story. The storyline doesn’t have to stay with me for weeks afterward, or alter my view of the world like other genres might. A good horror story simply has to have me by the throat at the time of reading. If the story does that, I’m satisfied.

What are you currently working on? 

The novel I’m currently working on revolves around a 1940s era movie theater that has recently changed hands. The original owner lost the theater due to financial reasons, and distraught, set himself on fire on the theater’s steps. Let’s just say that things don’t go well for the new owner and the paranormal experts he eventually calls in. The Chamberlain Theater, after all, holds more than its share of secrets.

What is in your TBR pile? 

There is so much great horror coming out right now, that my TBR pile is more of a leaning tower. I’m having trouble keeping up. By the time I read one, two more have come out. But, I’m seriously enjoying the work of so many great contemporary horror authors right now. Everyone seems to be hitting their stride at once. It’s an incredible time to be a horror fan.

What is the last book that scared you? 

I would have to say it was The Girl Next Doorby Jack Ketchum. The barbarity that takes place within those pages is not only horrifying, but you just know things like that happen in the deep and dark corners of our society where civility’s light doesn’t reach. There are very real monsters in this world, and that book reminded me that they could be living, literally and figuratively, right next door.

What is your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a dog. I’m independent, loyal and like to do for others. It’s a curse sometimes.

What is your favorite beer?

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to the craft beer craze.  Occasionally, if I’m in a bar or restaurant, I’ll try something new. When I’m at the grocery and picking something up, I tend to stay close to the tried and true beers that I know I like. Heavier Oktoberfest-style in the fall and winter, island style lagers when the weather is warm. I’m all about Mexican and Caribbean beers. Modelo, Dos Eques, Red Stripe, the various Kona offerings.

If you could have a beer with one author, who would it be?

Interesting question. Since I’ve started writing books and attending cons, I’ve had beers with authors I never would have imagined I’d meet, much less have a drink with. But one I would love to have a beer with would be John Saul. He’s the author that first hooked me on horror, and is such an underrated talent. He never makes the ‘who influenced you’ lists, and that’s a shame.

Tim McWhorter was born under a waning crescent moon, and while he has no idea what the significance is, he thinks it sounds really cool to say. A graduate of Otterbein College with a BA in Creative Writing, he is the author of the novella SHADOWS REMAIN, the suspense-thrillers, BONE WHITE, and its sequel, BLACKENED, and a collection of short stories titled SWALLOWING THE WORM. Described as "an intelligent thrill ride that presents itself as a love letter to slasher stories," BONE WHITE came in at #11 on HorrorUnderground's Top Books of 2015.

He lives the suburban life just outside of Columbus, OH, with his wife, a handful of children and a few obligatory 'family' pets that have somehow become solely his responsibility. He is currently hard at work on another thriller with just enough horror to keep you up at night. He is available for conversation through Twitter (@Tim_McWhorter), Facebook ( or his website (

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THE DEVIL'S FINGERS is the third installment in the One Size Eats All series. Just like the previous two books, THE DEVIL'S FINGERS is first-rate fun. Hunter Shea writes like a man running against time. At this pace, he could easily write over one hundred books–all with top-notch-quality. Shea brings the nostalgia and the coolest creatures imaginable. His stories are fast-paced. Shea's books never bog down with characterization and backstory. 

Botanist Autumn Winters and her cohorts stumbled upon a field of Octopus Stinkhorn (Clathrus Archeri) also known as Devil's Fingers deep in the woods of Washington. Two of Autumn's companions made the grave mistake of touching the Devil's Fingers. Fleshly gelatinous pods start growing on their skin. They feed off of their blood. Autumn watched as her friends turned into human-fungal hybrid monstrosities. As the story progresses, more is revealed. Confusion and chaos reign supreme. 

THE DEVIL'S FINGERS is paranoia-fueled rampage with tentacles galore. What's not to like? I mean, there are scenes in this book I can't unsee. I was thoroughly grossed out, yet I couldn't stop reading. I checked my own skin from time to time. You know, just to make sure I didn't have any pods growing on me. 

The characters really grew on me... like fleshly gelatinous pods. I was cheering them on as they figured out what was happening. The characters were fully fleshed out. Hunter Shea had me guessing the whole time. I didn't know which character would be next. I didn't know what was going to happen next. The ending is heavy AF. My mind went ninety to nothing, trying to calculate the bigger picture Shea painted so vividly. It's bleak AF. 

I've been telling people about Hunter Shea for a couple years now. If you haven't read him, then what are you waiting for? His stories are fun and they span the horror genre. He has written something for everyone. If you like tentacles as much as me, then you are going to love this book. 

Strongly Recommend!

Friday, November 9, 2018

E.T. SAVES CHRISTMAS by John M.L. Heatley

Sometimes, I come across random indie horror gems on Kindle Unlimited. I was looking through the Kindle Store and found this short story. I saw E.T. on the cover and fell in love. Add E.T. and Christmas together and you get one helluva good time. I want to make the cover into a Christmas card. Just look at that elf outfit, guys.

E.T. SAVES CHRISTMAS is set in the future. Elliot is in his twenties and E.T.'s race has declared war on humans. Elliot and E.T. have been traveling the universe for several years. Their relationship and the way they talk to each other made me laugh. I thought their dialogue kept things fresh. Earth is in trouble. Santa Claus is under attack. As people are being killed, Santa sends a help signal into space, hoping E.T. will come to the rescue. That is when things get entertaining. 

I love the author's take on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I like how the author played to their strength with E.T. and Elliot's relationship. Santa is no saint in this one, guys. The ending is abrupt but satisfying. E.T. SAVES CHRISTMAS is a fun story from start to finish. The writing is a little clunky with some passive voice and a few editing issues, but it's not too bad for an author's debut story. 

E.T. SAVES CHRISTMAS is the kind of story I live for. I hope more people read this one. I thought it was a fun read. Now, I need an elf E.T. action figure. 


Sunday, November 4, 2018

WITCH WATER by Edward Lee

Publisher: Necro Publications 
Published: May 30, 2012
Pages: 252

Edward Lee is one of those authors who can write a great book in any genre. His spellbinding prose makes for easy reading. It's hard to believe such beautiful writing can bring about such dread, depravity, and grotesque monstrosities. Edward Lee delivers all types of memorable horrors, WITCH WATER is no different. In fact, it's probably one of my favorite historical horror books. And I love a good historical horror tale. 

Haver-Towne is considered the Second Salem Witch Trials, with a most colorful history. A demented warlock hell-bent on using his sired children for something far worse than sacrifice. A vile witch whose carnal abandon and utter diabolism startle even the most deranged imaginations. Not going to lie, WITCH WATER contains some taboo subjects. 

Stew Fanshawe was looking for a place to lay low for a while, and Haver-Towne fit the bill. But instead of finding tranquility and self-reflection, Stew finds something much more unique: a town that was once steeped in a quagmire of witchcraft, satanic debauchery, and centuries-old occult science. Stew's a rich man with a sick past. He has skeletons in his closet, but he's not the only one. All is revealed in the end. That's what I love about Edward Lee's writing. He leaves no rock unturned, fleshing out everything––I'm talking plot and characters. 

You not only fall in love with Haver-Towne, but you grow attached to the characters. As you read, more is revealed about the characters' pasts. Edward Lee puts that empathy on full display. You know the characters are terrible, but you want the best for them. He also leaves little hints along the way, specifically about some characters. I thought it was really clever because you don't notice them until you've read the last page. 

What I love most about WITCH WATER is the fact that it is about a colonial village. I love history. I love studying and reading about witches and the witch trials. Needless to say, this book brought me great joy. Also, I didn't know what the title meant until I came upon the scene in the book. You won't be able to unsee that scene either. 

WITCH WATER has time travel, which is dope AF. I love me some time travel. Edward Lee also delves into addiction. The main characters are addicted to different things, and those addictions play a big role. I thought it was an excellent way of making the characters seem redeemable. 

There are several shocking scenes in this book, but the most shocking is the ending. Edward Lee called an audible at the line of scrimmage, completely fooled me, and brought me to my knees with that ending. I'm serious. I didn't see the ending coming. He pulled the rug right out from under me. It left me satisfied, with a smile on my face. And I still can't get over it. 

If you haven't read Edward Lee, then WITCH WATER is a great place to start. I'll definitely be reading his other work. 

Strongly Recommend!