Wednesday, October 3, 2018

FOUR OCTOBERS by Rick Hautala

FOUR OCTOBERS is like a cool Autumn breeze that hits the nape of your neck, sending shivers down your spine. 

FOUR OCTOBERS is one of those rare collections that breaks your heart and leaves you utterly satisfied. I'm glad I finally came across Rick Hautala's work. He is quickly becoming my favorite author. He has published quite a few books, so I'm going to check them out later this year. 

I bought this book because of the beautiful cover. FOUR OCTOBERS is a top shelf timeless collection. I loved how it captures autumn and the Halloween season. I teared up reading the four loosely connected novellas in FOUR OCTOBERS. Each novella is chillingly vivid. With each word, Rick Hautala paints the scenes in your mind. He's the best wordsmith I've ever read. Hautala sends you reeling with those endings, too. 

Tin Can Telephone is set in 1957 Americana. Two friends want to see the Russian satellite Sputnik in the pre-dawn sky. Something terrifying occurs and the two friends are separated. This harrowing tale will leave you teary-eyed and distraught. 

Miss Henry's Bottles is full of secrets. I don't know how Rick Hautala writes his characters, but I love each of them equally. This story will rip your heart out. It's small-town horror at its best. It is devastatingly beautiful. 

Blood Ledge is set in the Indian Summer of 1971. A young boy stumbles across a family secret. The scenery in this story alone is enough to satisfy any reader, and Rick Hautala uses the less is more approach, making for an engrossing read. 

Cold River is about loneliness and depression. A man's wife dies and he spirals into darkness and despair. Something strange starts happening to him. The ending will punch you right in the gut. 

There is a perfect amount of foreboding in these four novellas. You know something is going to happen, but you don't know how or why. That is what's so great about Rick Hautala's writing. He keeps you guessing. He keeps you entertained. He keeps you spellbound. The world just falls away as you fully immerse yourself in his stories. 

If you've never read a story by Rick Hautala, then remedy that immediately. He is one of the greatest horror authors to ever do it. I can't believe I haven't read his stuff before. FOUR OCTOBERS is a grand slam of a read.  


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