Thursday, September 20, 2018

TRIPLE AXE by Scott Cole

I've read SLICES by Scott Cole, so I know what he is capable of. All of his stories have originality and TRIPLE AXE is no different. TRIPLE AXE surprised me a little bit. 

Jesse Jinx is a porn star who dreams of owning an adult film production company. Jesse and her fellow porn stars are treated poorly and to top it off, there's a killer hunting down porn stars and killing them with an undetectable weapon. When the authorities refuse to help Jesse and her two closest friends, the three women decide to take matters into their own hands . . . with axes. As their colleagues fall one by one, they have a plan to stay alive—and they’re ready to hatchet!

TRIPLE AXE is a solid read through and through. TRIPLE AXE is a quick read and there aren't any hiccups in the storyline. I dig Scott Cole's writing style–it makes for a quick read. I thought the reveal was good. The ending was good. Jesse is a great lead character. With all that being said, I felt like something was missing. I don't want to talk spoilers, so I'm just going to leave it at that.

Scott Cole's stories are always fun. TRIPLE AXE is a great way to spend an hour. If you haven't read Scott Cole, then TRIPLE AXE is a great starting point. 


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