Monday, August 27, 2018

THE TOY THIEF by D.W. Gillespie

Ever wonder where all your childhood toys got off to? Look no further than this book, it has the answers you seek. This is a spine-chillingly creepy story about two young siblings and their toys. From the cover to the writing, THE TOY THIEF lives up to the hype. 

Jack is nine years old and lives with her father and her brother Andy. The two are total opposites. Her mother passed away during childbirth. The story opens on a sleepover with nine-year-old Jack and her close friend. While putting on a pretend show, the two girls leave a video camera running, and when Jack replays the tape the next day, she sees her friend's toy being snatched off the end table and out the back door by a swift, nearly unseen hand. That's when Jack goes digging for answers. She finds more than she bargained for. 

THE TOY THIEF is an unnerving tale that stays fresh with the disjointed or unconnected narrative of Jack. The storyline is intense, making for one helluva emotional read. Family bonds and loyalty are tested. D.W. Gillespie rips out your heart and stomps it into the ground. This book wrecked me. I haven't bawled over a book in a long time, but this one made me ugly cry. 

The vivid scenes take me back to my childhood. The pages melt away and I was right there with Jack and Andy. D.W. Gillespie's writing makes for a quick read. I dig his writing style. The story starts out strong and ends on a high note. 

THE TOY THIEF is creepy. The dread sinks in early and you have a feeling something horrifying is about to happen. That incredible ending slays. I will be reading this one again. THE TOY THIEF has the nostalgia and empathy. It carries a lot of weight, too. 


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