Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Interview With Jen Bernardini

CHHR: Please give a brief introduction.

My name is Jen Bernardini. I’m 38 yr old. I live in Ct and I’m working on publishing my first book.

CHHR: When did you start reviewing horror books?

          I started reviewing books about a year and a half ago.

CHHR:  What social media platform(s) do you prefer? Why?

I prefer YouTube when I review my books. I do, however, also review on Goodreads. I think YouTube is a very user-friendly platform. I also like the fact that you can see what you want. You search and find. When you use platforms like Twitter and Facebook you’re often flooded with content that doesn’t necessarily interest you.

CHHR:  Do you like print or eBooks? Or both?

I read both. I probably read print books more than eBooks but I find it much easier to borrow books from the library in E format. If there’s an author that I really enjoy, I’ll buy that book in paper to keep with my collection.

CHHR: What does your ideal reading space look like?

My ideal reading space is anywhere that is relatively quiet. I read in bed, while the kids are watching TV, when I’m standing in the pick up line to get them from school, at the doctor’s office. Where ever I can. I used to walk and read at the same time, but I’m not that reckless anymore. Gotta watch where you’re going!

CHHR:  What advice would you give your fellow horror book reviewers?

Don’t pay attention to popular opinion. Many times I’ve seen reviewers who won’t review a book negatively because it’s the “popular” book and they’re afraid of what people will say. If your opinion tends to gravitate toward the negative on a particular book, that’s okay. I guarantee you there are other people out there that will share your opinion and be glad that you were honest about how you felt.

CHHR: Do you dog ear or bookmark?

Bookmark. Only demons dog ear books.

CHHR: What is your favorite horror book?

Cabal by Clive Barker. I know, this is a novella. I absolutely love the way the “monsters” are portrayed. They’re beautiful in a horrific sort of way. Humans are the monsters here, much as we are in real life.

CHHR: What is your least favorite horror book? Why?

Anything by Nick Cutter. Sorry. And yes, this is the unpopular opinion I was talking about. If I have to pick one book I would say Little Heaven. I think he uses gore to further the plot in most of his book, rather than actual plot. In this particular book I found it to be laden with Stephen King rip-off’s. It was very slow moving and just down right tedious.   

CHHR: What is one thing that bothers you about your site?

I mainly use YouTube and I think what bothers me most about it is the lack of exposure little  channels get. It’s very hard to grow a following when only the larger channels get the exposure.

CHHR: How do you keep up with the books you read?

I log them in Goodreads and make review videos on YouTube.

CHHR: Do you use Goodreads?

I do. I’ve had Goodreads for a few years now but I’ve only been consistently using it this year.

CHHR: How do you feel about Amazon cracking down on reviews?

On one hand, I can see how it’s necessary to crack down. We have people paying for reviews, and only positive, glowing ones at that. So how can you tell, as a reading looking at the reviews, what’s genuine and what’s not? On the other hand, it can hurt an author if genuine reviews are not being let through. I do, when I look at reviews, tend to gravitate toward Goodreads rather than Amazon.

CHHR: What makes a great horror book?

Great horror has three dimensional characters that you care about. If you don’t care about the characters then you won’t care about what’s happening to them. It also has unique twists and is not entirely predictable. What I don’t like is gore for gore’s sake. Yes, by all mean, kill the guy, but make it mean something.

CHHR: Who is your favorite horror author?

Stephen King

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