Saturday, June 30, 2018

Interview With Emily (Book Happy)

CHHR: Please give a brief introduction.
Hi! I'm Emily, and I’m from Texas. I love reading, drinking wine, and hanging out with my dogs.

CHHR: When did you start reviewing horror books?

I became a lot more focused on horror last year. I would read & review them occasionally over the last few years, but something really clicked for me last year, and I wanted to specialize the books I was reviewing more than I already was.

CHHR:  What social media platform(s) do you prefer? Why?

I prefer Instagram & Twitter. Both have great uses, but I think Instagram is my favorite. I like being able to have a long caption to talk about my book, and I made all my first book friends through Twitter.
CHHR:  Do you like print or eBooks? Or both?

I only like print books. eBooks make my eyes feel weird & I just prefer paper books. I know I miss out on things because of this, but I do not accept eBooks to review. They're also hard to take pictures of, and that's one of my favorite things to do.

CHHR: What does your ideal reading space look like?

I said in my intro that I like reading, drinking wine, and my dogs, so really anything that involves all 3. My couch is pretty cozy & I have lots of blankets.

CHHR:  What advice would you give your fellow horror book reviewers?

Use different mediums to find book recommendations, and don't just stick to one area to look for books. Once I started participating in horror discussions on Twitter, I heard about many books that I had not heard about on Instagram. Look on blogs, too, and follow publishers on Twitter. There isn't a ton of marketing for most horror, but there are so many great books out there.

CHHR: Do you dog ear or bookmark?

BOOKMARK. I used to dog ear up until a few years ago when I finally let my boyfriend talk me into using bookmarks. If I'm allowed to do a shout-out (take this out if not), Karlee from A Stranger Dream makes my favorite horror bookmarks.

CHHR: What is your favorite horror book? Why?

My all-time favorite horror book is The Shining by Stephen King. It was the first horror story that I really connected with, and I feel like it changed a part of me because I finished it wanting to experience that nervous/fearful feeling again. I think I had only had that feeling with movies until I read The Shining. Also, it's just such a great story & so much fun to read. I visited the Stanley Hotel last year, and have a picture of myself in a Redrum shirt holding my copy of The Shining outside of Room 217.

CHHR: What is your least favorite horror book? Why?

You want me to get yelled at, don't you? House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. Before I was involved with book social media, one of my good friends really hyped it up to me because it's his favorite horror novel. I kept ignoring him, and he bought it for my for my birthday so I had to read it. The story started off well, and then everything fell apart for me. I've had enough literature homework to last me a lifetime, and I don't want to do more just to finish a horror story that is pretentious & convoluted instead of scary. I could go on about this book, but I'll stop.

CHHR: What is one thing that bothers you about your site?

I am really bad about keeping up with a blog & don't use one. I probably should. I have a WordPress & it's just sitting there.

CHHR: How do you keep up with the books you read?

I keep up with my books mainly through GoodReads. I also have a hashtag I use on Instagram to mark what I'm reading, so I can look back through that, too - #emilyscurrentread. I give away or sell a lot of books, but the ones I keep are on a certain side of the room so that I know what I've read.

CHHR: Do you use Goodreads?

Yes! I love that I can track what I've read & see what friends are reading.

CHHR: How do you feel about Amazon cracking down on reviews?

I hate writing Amazon reviews & I rarely review on there unless I'm asked to (I'm sorry, authors). Usually I've missed a curse word or something they don't like & it usually gets sent back.

CHHR: What makes a great horror book?

I like books that have an excellent balance of creepy & regular storylines. It it's all action, I get bored, and if there's no action, I get bored. I need that middle ground where the suspense is building well for the next spooky part. For the book to be great, the characters need to have some depth to the point that I could see them as actual people.

CHHR: Who is your favorite horror author?

If we're going by amount of books read & loved, it's Stephen King. However, I think Kristi DeMeester may have become my favorite writer. I can't get over the way she describes things. Her writing is so dark, creepy, and beautiful. It's like wearing the most gorgeous dress you've ever seen, but you're stuck in the dirt & the worms are crawling all over you. This is fairly common imagery in her stories, and I adore them. I can't wait to see what else she comes up with.

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