Friday, May 11, 2018

OLD ORDER by Jonathan Janz

This is an odd novella. I found it interesting, though. This one is a re-release. I think it is supposed to be an Amish horror story. The cover is cool. I like the old school look. It sets the mood for the novella. 

The lead character isn't likable at all. Horace Yoder is a thief. He wants to gyp a local farmer and his family out of their goods. He plans to resell the goods for a profit. The family has plans of their own. 

This isn't Jonathan Janz's best work, but it reads well enough. The ending is the best part. That reveal is everything. My jaw dropped when I read it. You will never see that ending coming. The characters on the farm are interesting, too. 

The plot is smooth and the dialogue is good. There's sex. It's erotic horror. It's an atmospheric slow burner with just enough tension. There is some repetition with descriptors, though. Like I said before, that ending is everything. 

All in all, Jonathan Janz has really honed his craft since writing this one. I look forward to reading his other work. 


3/5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐

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