Thursday, May 24, 2018

My Thoughts

This little blog is my thing. I blog because I enjoy reading and sharing my love of books with you guys. I don't make a penny with my blog. It's not about money. Would I love to make money reviewing books? Hell yeah! After all, that's my dream. I wish I could blog full-time, but I can't. 

I grew up watching horror movies, specifically slashers. I read R.L. Stine religiously. At one time, I owned all 62 of the original Goosebumps. I even watched the TV show, along with Eerie, Indiana and Are You Afraid Of The Dark? I would've given anything to be a member of the Midnight Society. Still would. 

Anyway, back to horror literature. I didn't expect my blog to take off the way it did. I honestly didn't think anyone would read my reviews. I didn't realize how many people love horror as much as I do. I don't know everything about the horror genre, though. My horror literature experience is limited because I didn't really start reading horror until about two years ago. Yes, I read Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Josh Malerman, but I didn't know there were smaller presses that have so many titles on offer. 

Several people have asked me where to find horror titles. People have also asked me to recommend authors and publications. I'm still finding new publications, authors, and books. I hope those people enjoyed their purchases. 

Reviewing isn't personal. Reviews aren't personal. A one star or two-star review is sometimes better than a five-star review. I've been told I give away my five-star reviews like candy. That's cool if people feel that way. Maybe I do. I haven't really thought about it much. I take several things into account while reading–style, prose, the actual reading experience, the setup and execution, the dialogue, etc. All of those things are important. If I read a book that is repetitious, then I may not finish it. I may skip the repetitious parts. Kindle is a wonderful machine because you can search keywords to see how many times the author uses them. 

I have given one star and two-star reviews. It has nothing to do with the author. It has to do with the factors I listed above. If I DNF a book, I want to tell you guys why I didn't finish it. Chances are you will probably WANT to read it. Hell... most of Stephen King's books are hovering around three stars, and he's the most popular author on the planet. 

There are those reviews that say the author's political views are terrible or the author is terrible. Those reviews are not helpful at all. The one and two-star reviews I'm talking about are unbiased and insightful. Everyone wants to know if a book has been edited properly. Everyone wants to know if something in the book felt clunky. Look at all the horror classics out there. They don't have glowing reviews. 

People say I give too many glowing reviews. If I'm being honest, those people need a hug and possibly a cuddle. I like showing the bad with the good. I basically say this doesn't work, but this does. Like I said before, I LOVE HORROR. I've sat through terrible horror movies. I've read terrible horror books and stories. Just because one book is terrible doesn't mean the author is terrible. I will give the author another go. 

I review books because it is fun. If I feel obligated to review a book, then it feels too much like work to me. I already have a full-time job. I've had people offer me money for a good review. I didn't respond to their email. My one pet peeve with my blog is not following the review request policy. I have had several authors want me to review an older book. Chances are I've probably purchased the book and haven't had time to read it. I like doing the ARCs on my blog more than older books. I buy books. I buy eBooks. I use Kindle Unlimited. I try to help out the indie horror community as much as I can. 

Don't bash my fellow horror book reviewers and their blogs or vlogs. I'm not talking about authors who review on the side. I don't read book blurbs. I love hearing what my fellow reviewers have to say about a book. People get mad at a book reviewer for posting an Instagram pic, posting a review, or posting an unpopular opinion. I will speak up for those reviewers. I got your six, horror fam.  


Cedar Hollow


  1. Great post and I agree and feel the same about all of it. Though I am grouchier and rarely give out fives these days but I’ve been reading horror since I was a kid so I get crabby easy. A 4 or 3 is a good book to me and that’s where most books fall for me, fives are special and I’m super stingy with them. This is your blog and I’m glad you’re here and one of the good guys who defend fellow reviewers! I see so much cruelness and jeoulsy online and it boggles the mind. There’s room for everyone.