Saturday, May 26, 2018

BODY OF CHRIST by Mark Matthews

Mark Matthews delivers a horror story that makes you think. This story stays with you for a while. It looks at the intricacies of love and loss and just how far families will go to try and keep the faith. 

Everything spirals out of control when a mother passes away. 

Keagan wants to take his first Holy Communion, but his dad warns against it. Keagan's father commits suicide. Keagan eventually builds a personal Jesus out of communion and the flesh of his dead father. Creeped out yet?

Faith has difficulties of her own after her mother's death. Each month she goes to the cemetery to bury her discarded life-blood. She can hear their screams. 

The two young characters have a personal relationship with their Jesus. Two overly religious families spiral out of control. This novella reaches down into the depths of the human psyche as it pertains to religion and the end result is a psychedelic trip into faith and how it manifests. 

Pain and suffering fill these pages. Mark Matthews keeps this tale nice and tight throughout. The dread is ever present and the tension is just right. The cover sets the mood for this novella. You can tell from the first page that this one will be hard hitting on several levels. BODY OF CHRIST is fast-paced and the ending is one to remember. 

The characters are memorable. The dialogue is solid and felt real. I liked the setup and execution. The ending is where it's at. 


4/5 stars!⭐⭐⭐⭐

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