Sunday, April 29, 2018

TERROR IN 16-BITS by Jonathan Raab

Now you're playing with... TERROR!

TERROR IN 16-BITS is an excellent short story anthology. I didn't know what to expect going into this one, but it went above and beyond my expectations. Within these pages are fifteen shocking and sinister stories. These horror stories are inspired by some prolific games and game franchises. They also delve into alarming visions of technology gone to hell. These rising stars of independent horror channel our fears of the new interactive electronic frontier–an reveal the terrors that await us in the great digital abyss beyond. So grab the controller and press START. But no cheat code can save you from... TERROR IN 16-BITS. 

These stories dropkick you in the chest. The authors bring the nostalgia. They bring the scares. The stories are all different, which keeps the anthology fresh. There were a couple of authors that I was unfamiliar with, but they didn't disappoint. I'm going to check out their other work.

Richard Walley's A Lump and His Boy reminded me of Critters and I couldn't get enough. I hope this turns into a novel or novella. There is a bigger story here and I hope he revisits it sooner rather than later. 

Dr. Coagulant's Splatter Lab by Jonathan Raab is creepy! I still have goosebumps from that transformation. All I can see is sharp fingers everywhere! 

Amber Fallon's Angel's Armageddon is great! His obsession started with a YouTube video. That first sentence grabs you. It's about a game that turns kids insane. It contains black-eyed children. There's nothing more awesome than that. One of my favorite stories. 

All of the stories in this anthology are solid. There isn't a bad one in the bunch. You can't go wrong with horror stories based on video games. This book would make a great anthology movie. I look forward to reading more books from Muzzleland Press. 


4/5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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