Friday, April 20, 2018


That creepy cover reminds me of CHILDREN OF THE CORN or THE SCARECROWS WALK AT MIDNIGHT. I have read some of Eddie's short stories in the past. DEAD IS DEAD, BUT NOT ALWAYS is a collection of seven novelettes. I don't think you can put these stories into any one genre. If you're looking for a good time, then you should read this collection. 

I can never figure out where Eddie's stories are going. The same is true for these novelettes. These stories are bleak and eerie–just how I like them. The novelettes are vastly different, which keeps the stories fresh. This is the type of collection that you can chew on for a while or engulf in one sitting. When it comes to collections, I prefer overindulging. 

The Howl is about sacrifice. The setup and execution is great. It is small town horror at its best. 

Of the Knoll is a terrifying read. It reminded me of  Troll 2 for some reason. The place changes you forever. The ending is great, too. 

We, in the Dark, Together, Forever is about a book that bridges the eternal dark with the light of life. This one has monstrosities!

Slithering is a trippy tale. "They were of a split egg, Adam and Eve, the coming of serpent's reign. 

The Weight of Solitude, the Pressure of Conscience is about Nanook. Eddie did his research on this one. Great story. I've studied Native American and indigenous religions. That ending is brutal."The voices continued to sing their taunts."

Dead Lake is excellent. The title of this story says it all. "The lake keeps ya."

Over the Fields and Through the Woods is a survival story. "I don't even question it, but dead  doesn't mean dead, not always, for the good ones and the bad ones alike."

I liked all the stories. They are creepy. Some made my skin crawl, while others sent shivers down my spine. Each story brings something different to the table. Tales of sacrifice and survival fill these pages. You may even question your own sanity after reading these stories. Eddie writes with clarity and wit. The round characters make the stories. Some stories are filled with action, while others are atmospheric and filled with dread. 

DEAD IS DEAD, BUT NOT ALWAYS is a great debut collection. Grab your survival packs, swimsuits, and sacrificial blades. You're going to need them. 


4/5 stars!⭐⭐⭐⭐

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  1. Looking forward to questioning my own sanity after this one! ;-)