Monday, April 9, 2018

BONE SAW by Patrick Lacey

Patrick Lacey keeps getting better! I read DREAM WOODS about two years ago. It is one of my favorites. If you haven't read it, then you really should. You should also read WE CAME BACK if you haven't. Both books are equally compelling and creepy. If you read them in that order you can see the progress–you can see Patrick Lacey honing his craft. He is one of the best horror authors of his generation, and he is just getting started. 

With BONE SAW, Patrick Lacey takes different horror tropes and blends them nicely together, making it his own thing. The added layers and dimensions of the storyline made this one stand out. There are several things going on in this book, but the author manages it well. There are unforgettable characters with bloody scenes that pour from the pages. 

BONE SAW is set in a small town called Bass Falls. The protagonist is a guy named Liam Carpenter who lives above his aunt's garage and watches obscure horror movies. He's all about cheap beer and thrills, but all that suddenly changes. His favorite director, Clive Sherman, arrives in town. Soon after Clive arrives, people are murdered. The murders look similar to the ones in Clive's popular Pigfoot franchise. 

Blood and gore fill the pages. What's not to like? On top of all these things, Liam is crushing on a random girl. This random girl isn't so random after all, though. She is pursued by a private investigator that hallucinates on cough syrup. This is just one of the many layers of the story. 

Bone Saw Studios is in town to shoot a Pigfoot sequel. It is going the be the bloodiest film in the series. Clive won't stop until the final cut. 

BONE SAW is like an onion. You have to peel it back a layer at a time. The characters are great. They are three dimensional. The cast fits into stereotypes, but the author keeps things fresh. You can tell Patrick Lacey is well versed in slasher films. 

Patrick Lacey sets the pace just right for this book. The characters all have depth, which is quite rare these days. The author manages to explore their backgrounds while keeping the story flowing smoothly. 

This book reads like an 80s slasher. It also has elements of the psychological and paranormal. It reads like a movie. The scenes are vivid and gut-wrenching. If you have a weak stomach, then you probably shouldn't eat before reading this book. It had me wincing and biting my fingernails. 

The author writes sharp prose. The dialogue is smart and witty. The ending is very satisfying as well. 

I thought casting the characters for an adaptation would be fun. Here goes nothing. I think Joaquin Phoenix would make a great Clive. I think Pigfoot should be played by Pruitt Taylor Vince. Paul Dano or Donald Glover would make a great Liam. Tessa Thompson or Jessica Rothe could be the love interest. I don't know about you, but I would definitely watch that film!

This is one of Patrick Lacey's best. If you love slasher films, then you will love this book. Why wait to buy it when you could go ahead and pre-order?


5/5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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  1. Nice! I was just saying on another of your reviews that the book sounded like a slasher and this one really does, so that's a win! Goodreads has the genre as Horror! Fabulous.