Wednesday, April 25, 2018

AN EXORCISM OF ANGELS by Stephanie M. Wytovich

Love is an exorcism of angels...

Stephanie M. Wytovich has compiled a brilliant collection of poetry. Stephanie writes thought-provoking poems that punch you in the chest. The poems are dark and erotic in the best ways. They delve into love, lust, and angst. They are raw. They are primal. And they are powerful. 

This collection is different, though. It feels like one big story. Like a guttural howl. The poems will have you on pins and needles. They will send chills down your spine. Stephanie shows her vulnerability with these poems, which enhances the collection. You don't just read these poems, you experience them. You go through the highs and lows. Stephanie plunges the reader into utter darkness. 

The cover art is beautiful, too. It sets the tone for the poems. The poems are like Nutella–very addicting. Some poems hit you like a steam train, while others rip out your heart and chew on it. This collection will leave you with a smile on your face, wanting more. It's the subject matter. It's the writing style. It's the truth and honesty bared for all to see. Whatever it is, Stephanie has it and I want more of what she's offering. 

I'm going to read the rest of her work. Reading her poems are like magic or witchcraft. I'm going with the latter on this one. It puts a spell on you. Stephanie doesn't disappoint. 

Highly Recommend!

5/5 stars!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Love is an exorcism of angels…

Heaven and Hell are not places, nor times, but rather shared experiences. It's a love whether dark or light, a passion whether of pleasure or pain, and there's a beauty to the ugliness, a smile hidden amongst the tears. Heaven is often defined as paradise; Hell as damnation. The two, while opposites, more often than not, end up being one in the same, especially when it comes to falling in love.

So what happens when our Heaven falls in love with our Hell? When the very person who brings us every happiness and every joy, stabs and beats at our hearts, bruising our fantasy of 'happily ever after,' of 'till death do us part?' What happens when we can't walk away because the pain of love is better than no love at all? When we'd rather die every death again and again, than spend one moment away from our heart's true content? Wytovich plays Virgil in a collection of celestial horror that challenges the definition of angels and demons, of love and hate. She weaves through tales of heartbreak and sorrow, through poems depicting lust and greed, as her words prove testament that Heaven and Hell can be one in the same, a paradise and an inferno. Her women, some innocent, some not, walk through the circles, fall off of clouds, deny their wings, and expose their hearts to demons and devils, to imps and to fiends. They turn their backs on everything they know, question their morals and their faith, all in the name of love, and together, the good help the bad, and the bad, help the good, as not every angel has wings just as not every demon has claws.

Wytovich shows us that love isn't always the saving grace that we expect it to be. To her, there is no balance of darkness to light, no line between what one desires and what one gets. There's no choosing who we fall in love with, and just as love is often Heaven, it can just as easily be Hell.

$1 from each sale will donated to SAVE: Suicide Awareness Voices of Education.

What Are They Saying About An Exorcism of Angels

"Fall into a world where the angels themselves love, but the demonic will love you with more teeth. These are beautifully twisted poems of madness, and the title poem itself had faint traces of Poe's 'Annabel Lee.' This collection is certainly worth tasting and then savoring." -Mercedes M. Yardley, author of Pretty Little Dead Girls

"Stephanie M. Wytovich lays bare the darkest yearnings of the human--and inhuman--heart with scalpel-like precision. These are poems forged in hellfire and cooled by a dead lover's kiss." -Tim Waggoner, author of The Way of All Flesh and Eat the Night

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