Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Art of Reading Faster

Several people have told me I read really fast. This is true, but it has taken a long time to build up my reading speed. In this post, I will talk about how you can read faster, too. I will share seven tips and tricks with you. Some may work for you, and some may not. 

First, you have to prepare an allotted time frame for your reading. It's just like writers having schedules. Sometimes reading will become sporadic, but often times reading will remain true to the structure of the schedule. Life can sometimes get in the way, too. Read thirty minutes to an hour a day. If you can't do those things, read a chapter or two a day. You don't want to stop reading altogether because reading is habit forming just like anything else. You're probably thinking, "What did he just say?" I will clarify this later in the post.

Second, you need to have everything you need with you–this includes snacks, a quiet place to read with no interruptions. I tend to read before bed, but it really doesn't matter as long as you are reading. You don't want to start reading, then get distracted by hunger or a phone call. Snacks and drinks are key to a successful reading session. Also, turning your notifications off tends to help.

Third, I either read a hardcover, paperback, or eBook. I lean towards my Kindle because I can use the various settings to speed up my reading experience. Whether it be using the speed reading feature, or setting the screen color to help keep my focus. Most people tend to read from left to right with their eyes. This is the way we were taught to read. I'm going to share some ways in which you can read faster.

  1. I either use a pencil or bookmark and follow the sentence, so I don't re-read the same sentence. It also helps keep your focus on the book, and your mind doesn't wander. You can also use your finger. That is up to you and your style of reading. Yes! Readers have different styles. 
  2. I focus on the middle of the page. I keep my eyes fixed so that I can see all the words. I overlook the unnecessary words like the & and. This helps with speed. You can also time yourself on a page. 

Fourth, I push past my inner voice. This allows you to read faster. I highly recommend it! You're probably thinking I'm crazy at this point but bear with me on this. Act like you are reading a passage to a crowd or a group of people. Always push yourself to see how far you can get in a book within a given time period. 

Fifth, I use Audible. I can set the listening speed to my liking in the settings. I tend to use audiobooks on the longer reads. 

Sixth, I always read with headphones on. It helps with noise distractions. 

Last but certainly not least, stop reading a book if you don't like it. I think it's a waste of time to continue a book you don't like. You want the best reading experience so that you will want to continue reading in the future. I've heard people taking breaks from reading because of their experience with a previous book.  

Remember to always take a book with you no matter where you go. You never know when you can do some much-needed reading.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below. 

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