Friday, March 16, 2018

SOUR CANDY by Kealan Patrick Burke

Kealan Patrick Burke never ceases to amaze. He can write with the best of 'em. He packs so much into a novella. If I'm being honest, I think he's perfected the form. There is so much to love about this short tale of terror. It's full tilt boogie from the first scene to the last. You will question your sanity. You will ask yourself, "What did I just read?" Most importantly, you will be left fully satisfied. You will sit and think about this little book long after you have finished it. 

Phil Pendleton goes to his local Walmart. He was picking up chocolates for Lori (his girlfriend). He is getting ready to check out when a small, oddly dressed boy starts screaming at the top of his lungs. That's when things get topsy-turvy in all the right ways. 

Kealan Patrick Burke will have you thinking one thing and then he throws you for a loop. Sour Candy is equal parts sinister and psychological. Kealan Patrick Burke turns the familiar into the uncanny. Madness ensues... or does it? 

Phil is the best kind of character. You get to experience everything he does. You feel kind of sorry for him and his predicament. Burke brings the vivid cast of characters to life. The scenes pop off the page. The eerie atmosphere is captivating. 

You can't put this book down. Once you read the first few pages you are hooked. I read this book in about 45 minutes, but I've thought about it ever since. There isn't a dull moment in this novella. Enjoy this one with the light on. Oh yeah, I'm not going into a Walmart for a long time. Kealan Patrick Burke is one of the few authors who genuinely scare me with their literature. 

I highly recommend SOUR CANDY and Burke's other work. If you've never experienced his literature, then I suggest you remedy that immediately. 

5/5 sour candies!🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬


  1. This sounds wonderful, and the cover is splendidly creepy.

  2. Great review! I keep meaning to read this one.