Monday, February 19, 2018


What Hides Within was originally published in 2012 and recently it has found a new home at Bloodshot Books. The cover freaked me out, so I had to give this one a read. I'm not going to lie, spiders tend to scare me.

Clive Menard is an unambitious everyday kind of guy living a dull life. He takes his boat right through a huge spider web. Clive soon feels something clogging his ear. He begins to hear a voice inside his head. That is when Clive's ordinary life becomes strange. 

Clive is a good character. I enjoyed learning about him and his friends. I liked Reilly (the police detective), too. The dialogue in this book is great. There are generous amounts of sarcasm and humor throughout. The storyline is paced well. What Hides Within has it all. The mad doctor scene is funny. 

There are several things happening in this book, but Jason Parent manages it well. No rock is left unturned. There aren't any throwaway characters. There are no loose ends. The ending is great, but I saw it coming. What Hides Within is solid for a debut!

I hope Jason Parent expands on this world he created. There is a character I want him to expand on. I would definitely read that story! 

Highly Recommend!

4/5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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