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I have read a few of Tim Meyer's books over the last year. I have to say, his writing has greatly improved. His voice is getting stronger. I had the pleasure of reading Sharkwater Beach, so I know what Tim Meyer is capable of. With that being said, let's get to this review.

The gullible protagonist, Ritchie Naughton, pulls you in and doesn't let go until the last page. Ritchie was a newspaper writer living in Atlanta. He comes home one day to find his significant other doing the horizontal hump with her lover and he passes out. To make matters worse, his girl's lover saves his life by punching him in the chest numerous times. I felt empathy for Ritchie because that is a terrible thing to go through. Anyways, Ritchie moves in with his sister's family in New Jersey. That's when all the strange things start to happen. 

Ritchie gets a job as a photographer and website designer at a small newspaper. He finds a camera labeled Denlax in the basement of the newspaper building. His uncle hires him to spy on his aunt because he believes she is cheating. Ritchie follows them into the woods where he discovers a satanic church. Ritchie's aunt is in the Order of the Black Book. Ritchie takes the pictures for his uncle. Ritchie finds out that the camera has supernatural effects. 

This book moves quickly and the storyline is smooth. I enjoyed the main character. He is believable and very likable. I kind of felt sorry for him, too. This story has everything a fan of horror needs. It has demonic forces, a satanic cult, and dark magic, and murder. I like how Tim fills the reader in with backstory as you read along–this allows the pacing to stay tight. I will never look at mirrors the same way. I liked the sporadic humor throughout, which enhances the story. I was thoroughly satisfied with the ending. The cover looks cool, too. 

I devoured this book in three sittings. I would have finished sooner, but work got in the way. IN THE HOUSE OF MIRRORS is a great book! The sky is the limit for Tim Meyer. I hope he keeps writing because I want to keep reading. 

Highly Recommend!

5/5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


When Ritchie Naughton, amateur photographer, stumbles upon a house in the woods, strange things start happening. His camera captures images that should not exist, things that cannot be explained. Soon, he'll realize that the people of Red River, New Jersey are in terrible danger. There's a darkness growing within the house which threatens them all. The House of Mirrors is open, and once you see yourself in, there's no way out...

In the House of Mirrors is a 90,000-word supernatural thriller recommended for fans of Peter Straub and Robert McCammon.

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