Thursday, February 15, 2018


Lydian Faust delivers a damn fine debut novella with Forest Underground. It's a dark and disturbing fairy tale of terror! The story is told through memory and recollection during an extreme fringe therapy session. During the session, Luna (the patient) recounts her visits to Grandma's house. 

Two backgrounds are explored in this novella–Luna and Dr. Sizemore. The tale unfolds beautifully with Luna's past in the first half and Dr. Sizemore's childhood in the latter half. I like how Faust uses different POVs to tell this story. Although the stories are separate, Lydian Faust does an excellent job interweaving the two stories and delivering an epic conclusion. 

Going into this story, I didn't know much about the premise of the story. The cover intrigued me, so I picked this one up and it didn't disappoint. It is money well spent. Forest Underground is written well, almost poetically. It felt like a veteran writer created this psychological horror. Lydian Faust has a bright future ahead of her. I look forward to reading her future work. Forest Underground is a modern-day Grimm Fairy Tale! Not going to lie, it's that good.

Highly Recommend!

4.5/5 stars! 

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