Thursday, January 4, 2018

Call Drops by John F. Leonard

I've been meaning to read some John F. Leonard books, but my TBR pile has taken over my home office and Kindle. When I saw this title drop on Amazon, I just knew I had to get it. The cover is intriguing. I immediately had to know what was in the pages. 

Vincent likes nothing more than rootling round second-hand shops in search of the interesting and unusual. Items that are lost and forgotten. 

Vincent Preece is a rich man who is lonely in his mansion. He spends his days shopping at second-hand knick-knack shops. Vincent spots a bizarre looking cell phone at one of the shops. That's when things start unfolding. Little by little the past will reveal itself. The past never stays buried. 

John F. Leonard can write! The story unfolds rhythmically. The story kept getting better with each turn of the page. There is a scene that has stayed with me since I finished reading this novella. It is equally disturbing and unexpected. I was genuinely thrown by this scene. The scene literally jumps off the page. It's as if you're actually scanning the room, seeing it with your own eyes. That ending is a real corker. It'll knock your socks off. 

I will definitely check out John F. Leonard's other work. 

Highly recommend!

4/5 stars!

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