Thursday, December 14, 2017

Entertaining Demons by Daniel I. Russel

This is my first ride with Daniel I. Russel, and it is a wild one. Entertaining Demons is both sad and ruthless. 

Daniel I. Russel has created a strong hero with Molly. She is not your average 15-year-old girl. She is dealing with real-world problems. Her mother lives in a facility for the mentally ill where she is often sedated. 

Molly lives with her Grandfather. Their house turns into a circus. Cameras and filming crews come in to film Molly constantly. She stars in a reality TV show called PI: Paranormal Investigations that airs weekly. Her Grandfather's house is supposedly haunted. 

Molly becomes a social outcast. People in town stare and point at her. She becomes the talk of the town. Something is keeping her up at night. She doesn't sleep well because something walks up and down the hall, rattling her bedroom door handle. One night her door bursts open and things start flying everywhere. It touches her in all the disturbing ways. Molly can't leave because she needs the money. 

As Molly's 16th birthday draws near, her hauntings grow. Samuel, the show's host, seems to be the only one who wants to help stop the hauntings. Molly is cool with lack of sleep due to rattling doorknobs and footsteps, but she doesn't realize that demons are on their way to her quiet English town to shut down the reality TV show. 

The cast of characters have depth and the author makes you care about Molly and her family. Entertaining Demons reads like a mystery. You're constantly asking yourself what do demons want with Molly. You begin to question who Molly really is. 

The dialogue is good and the scenes are vivid. I didn't see the ending coming! 

Entertaining Demons is a solid read! I will be reading Daniel I. Russel's other work. 

4/5 stars! ★★★★

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