Saturday, December 16, 2017

BEST OF 2017: Books and Novellas

I have read several great books and novellas this year. It is hard to choose a select few because 2017 has been a great year for horror. This year we have seen indie horror publications go under, but we have also witnessed IT break box office records. In order for indie horror publications to succeed, people must buy their books, talk about their books, and review their books. Support indie horror. It's all about getting the word out. I love indie horror and I hope the industry has a helluva year in 2018. I would like to say thank you to the indie horror community. I would also like to thank all the indie horror book reviewers who have been supportive this year. I can't say enough about this community. Thank you, guys!

So... here's the list. 

Bone White is an excellent read! It will definitely scare the hell out of you! The setup is great and the characters are superb. It starts off with a bang and doesn't let up.

We Came Back is a great book. I can't say enough about it. This book has a lot of heart. If you have never read Patrick Lacey, then you should remedy this immediately. Also, Dream Woods is another kickass book by this author. You should read that one too.

It's Brian Keene, people. He delivers a creature feature of Jaws-like proportions. I bought the hardcover, a signed ARC, and the ebook. I also checked it out from the library. That is how much I love this book. It's that good. You guys should read it. 

Michael Patrick Hicks has found his voice with this book. I can't say enough about this book. This book should win some awards. 

Blanky is brilliant. Kealan Patrick Burke delivers every time. He can take an inanimate object and literary scare the hell out of you. 

Hunter Shea is another author who delivers every time. Just Add Water is great! It is filled with nostalgia and gore.  

Stephen Kozeniewski has created something special with The Hematophages. He has created a world that I would like to visit time and time again. The characters are brilliant. 

Church is a great read. It is disturbing and grotesque. 2017 needed this book. 

Becoming is great. Glenn Rolfe can tell a good tale. The death scenes are crazy. After reading this book, I refuse to go near any ponds or lakes.

Tim Meyers can straight write! If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, then you will love this book! The sharks in this book are terrifying. A bigger boat won't save you from these sharks!

I finished this book last night. Edward Lorn delivers a great small town horror story. That ending was messed up.

Savage Woods is about Native American lore. Don't go into the woods, but do read this book. There's something in those woods. I couldn't put this one down.

David Bernstien is a great writer. Episodes of Violence is vicious and brutal. I read this book in one sitting. 

Matt Hayward packs a punch with this book. The characters are solid and the story is insane. Read it with the lights on. 

Rare Breeds is twisty AF! That ending is everything. I honestly did not see it coming. It will hit you like a ton of bricks. 

James Newman hits you right in the feels with this one. Everyone should read this book. Odd Man Out is one of the most relevant books right now as far as social issues go. 

M.R. Tapia delivers a brutal story about a Japanese game show. When you read his books and stories you get to learn about other cultures. Great book!

Jason Parent can write! It is gritty and vicious. That ending was something else. Great book!

Honorable Mentions

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