Sunday, December 24, 2017

Bay's End by Edward Lorn

Officer Mack Larson is not everything he appears...

Edward Lorn dropkicks you in the feels with this book. Bay's End is equal parts raw and gritty. It's a hair-raising story that contains ample amounts of twists and turns.

Twelve-year-old best friends, Trey and Eddy, play a prank on Officer Mack. The prank causes a ripple effect that shakes the small town of Bay's End. On the surface, Bay's End seems like the ideal town, but underneath it all, there is something far sinister than anyone can imagine.

Bay's End is written from Trey Franklin's point of view. Trey is older, but he is still haunted by his childhood. The only way Trey can tackle his past is by writing about it.

Trey and Eddy are your average best friends who like to get into a little mischief everyone now and again. Bay's End is a brutal coming of age story. It has everything that you are looking for and more. There is first loves, horrific reveals, and twists that will blow your mind. 

The dread starts building from the beginning and doesn't stop until the explosive climax. The writing style is solid and the storyline is hiccup-free. The characters feel real, and the issues they face are horrendously real. That ending will punch you in the chest. 

Highly Recommend! 

5/5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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