Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Optical Delusion by Hunter Shea

Optical Delusion is the second book in the Mail Order Massacres series, but it doesn't read like a second book. Optical Delusion is about a pair of X-Ray glasses that Martin Blackstone's son orders out of one of his comic books. I remember buying collectibles out of comic books when I was a kid, so it hit close to home for me.

Martin Blackstone tries on the X-Ray glasses and they seem to really work. Brian and his friend think they are a waste of money and want to throw them away. Martin's wife thinks he looks rather dashing in his new shades, so he decides to keep them for a while. Every time he wears them, his head hurts and they become harder to take off.

At first, Martin is having a blast checking out all the women around town. There is one scene that made me want to throw up. It's the old man scene. It thoroughly grossed me out. Martin likes being able to check out the women, but their beauty is only skin deep. The X-Ray glasses begin showing what hides beneath the flesh, and Hunter Shea doesn't disappoint.

I like the way the author set up the story. I like how he moves the story along effortlessly. There are no kinks or hiccups in. the storyline. The characters are easily relatable and could be your next-door neighbors. The ending felt rushed. It ends too abruptly. I like how he transitions from kids in Just Add Water to adults in Optical Delusion. I can't wait to see how he ties up the series. Optical Delusion and Just Add Water read like stand-alone, which I thought was cool.

I highly recommend this book to fans of horror!

You can grab a copy here!

4/5 stars!

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