Saturday, October 7, 2017

They Came With The Snow by Christopher Coleman

A blast goes off in a small college town triggering a blizzard in May. The story is told from Dominic's POV and you get to see the aftermath of the explosion and what follows. You get to see how guilty he feels for surviving. The crab things that came with the snow are almost undetectable save for their black eyes peering out through the snow drifts. I didn't find them scary or creepy.

They Came With The Snow is an okay read. I enjoyed the writing. I enjoyed the storyline, but I think it should have been a book instead of a short story/ novelette. The event calls for a longer storyline. 

Horror stories have to have some sort of tension, but this story didn't have any. I didn't feel unease while reading this either. 

3/5 stars!

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