Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bubba and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers by Joe R. Lansdale

Do you ever dream that the life you're dreaming is someone else's life?

Do you wonder if you're a figment of someone else's imagination and that all you do has not been done at all, that you could be a creation brought about by trapped gas, that you could be the result of poorly digested green beans and bologna sandwiches?

Oh, momma! Joe R. Lansdale has done it again! I fell in love with Bubba Ho-Tep when I first watched the movie. Bruce Campbell brought his best when he played the part of retired Elvis.

Bubba and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers is the prequel to Bubba Ho-Tep. Elvis Presley and a group of hardcore warriors try to save the world from an invasion of hive-minded, shape-shifting vampire-like creatures from a dark dimension. The cosmic blood-suckers make a New Orleans junkyard their home. Elvis Presley's manager, Colonel Parker, is the leader of the group. 

The story is told by one of Elvis Presley's body guards named Johnny Smack, which makes the story even better. Elvis's gang of warriors also includes a hammer-wielding descendant of John Henry, a strategic wizard named Jack, Raven (Jenny) who is a budding pop star, and a Blind Man who can see more than those with sight. 

This strange trip could merely be an illusion, though. This is what happened before Elvis took on an Egyptian mummy at an East Texas rest home. 

This book is great! If you've ever been to New Orleans, you remember the sights and smells. You remember the Mississippi riverboats. You don't simply read this book, you experience it. 

Joe R. Lansdale does a great job with the characters and building the dread. The author grabs you from the first scene and doesn't let go until the last page. The story is filled with wild fights, strange monsters, sex, and ghosts. The pink Cadillac even makes an appearance. 

You can get a copy here.

I highly recommend this book to fans of horror!

5/5 cosmic blood-suckers!

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