Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Straws by James Baack and Eric S. Brown

I found this book while browsing the Kindle Store. Yes, I tend to browse the Kindle Store from time to time. I like finding new authors and books to read. I have to admit, this cover looks badass!

Billy is being bullied by Brian and his friends. The bullying goes too far and Billy ends up dying. Or does he?

Kathie and Ellen (best friends) get an Ouija board. They go to their spot in the cornfield and try talking to the spirit of Billy. They don't get an answer, but a scarecrow in the cornfield comes to life when they leave. The scarecrow's name is Straws and he has to kill for Billy. I will stop there because I don't want to give too much away.

The story was pretty good. As for as the story goes, Straws is a solid book. The story flows well, but the characters don't have any depth. The ending is good, though.

With that being said, this book needs some heavy editing. Some of the sentences are written awkwardly. Words are used incorrectly in sentences. Quotation marks are missing from the quotes. Commas are missing as well. It feels more like a rough draft than a final draft. If it gets the much-needed editing, then this book would get 4 stars instead of 3 stars.

All in all, this book is good. It just needs proper editing.

3/5 stars!

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