Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Book of Baby Names by Norman Prentiss

The Book of Baby Names is creepy! Don't let the cover fool you. This collection of short stories is disturbing!

The book starts off with a forward that put these six short stories into context. Sandra has to find the perfect baby gift for her co-worker, Denise. Sandra gets some gift advice, and she settles for a book, after all, books are the best gift! Am I right? Anyway, Sandra finds this old yellow book with a faded cover and water spots. There is a baby on the cover with an evil grin. The book is filled with nightmares that an expecting mother should never read.

The Baby Truck is creepy! It is about a wife who can't seem to get pregnant. She has baby fever, and she will go to great lengths to get pregnant. Odd story!

The Albright Sextuplets is horrific! It is about a family that has sextuplets and one huge secret! I can't unsee that scene in my mind! Crazy story!

The Covered Doll is sad! It is about a single father and his daughter. The little girl is neglected and abused by her father. On her first day of school, her classmates pick on her. That is when the truth reveals itself for the world to see. You have to read this one!

Homeschooled is a strange bird story! I feel sorry for Nicholas (the troubled student) and Ms. Lewis (the Principal). Interesting story!

In the Best Stories... is essentially about a bedtime story. A father has to take care of his daughter, while the mother is in the hospital with a terminal illness. Sad story!

The Well-Adjusted Child is about a gay couple in Alabama. Chris and Mark have a son named Tommy who goes missing. Chris is losing his grip on reality. He thinks Tommy is a threat to his marriage with Mark. Eerie story!

I am a fan of Norman Prentiss! The Book of Baby Names is a solid collection of short stories!

I recommend this collection to fans of horror! I don't recommend this collection to expecting mothers!

4/5 stars!

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