Monday, June 5, 2017

Sharkwater Beach by Tim Meyer

Tim Meyer wrote a cool guest post for my blog a week or so ago. I hope everyone enjoyed the top ten list as much as I did! Thanks, Tim! Street Sharks was one of my favorite cartoons in the 1990s. Gumby was another, but don't hold it against me. Now, let's get to the review. 

Sharkwater Beach begins at a subaquatic research facility called S.Q.U.I.D that is located 200 miles off the coast of Florida. Scientists conduct experiments, but it goes horribly wrong. It is utter chaos, with scientists running from the predator. This book goes full throttle from start to finish! 

Neil Pickard (a professor) calls Jill McCourty (an old student) to help him find out what went wrong at S.Q.U.I.D. Mangled and shredded bodies begin rising up to the ocean surface. Boats are destroyed. The gigantic shark is hungry for humans. That is when all hell breaks loose on Key Water Island!

If you are an adrenaline junky, then you will like this book! Jaws who? Jaws is tiny compared to the Ocean Queen. I loved reading from the Ocean Queen's point-of-view because it enhances the story. The killings are stomach turning and gut-wrenching. At times, I found myself rooting for the Ocean Queen. The ending was awesome! The second half of the book blew me away! 

All in all, this story is non-stop entertaining! It has ample amounts of thrills and kills! If you like Jaws or Shark Week, then you will enjoy this book!

I highly recommend this book to fans of sharks and horror!

4.5/5 shark fins! 

Sharkwater Beach Synopsis:

Print Length: 180 pages
Publication Date: May 13, 2017
Publisher: Severed Press

Beneath the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the biggest predator on the planet hunts, craving the flesh and blood of every creature it can sink its teeth into. Detective Jill McCourty receives a phone call from her old college professor when a mangled body washes up on the shores of Sharkwater Beach. Together they must discover what stalks the waters around the private island and stop it before it reaches the mainland. But how do you stop something so enormous, something so unique that it may have existed in another time? Jill vows to make sure what happens at Sharkwater Beach, stays at Sharkwater Beach.


Tim Meyer dwells in a dark cave near the Jersey Shore. He’s an author, husband, father, podcast host, blogger, coffee connoisseur, beer enthusiast, and explorer of worlds. He writes horror, mysteries, science fiction, and thrillers, although he prefers to blur genres and let the stories fall where they may. Among other titles, he’s previously published the short story collection, Worlds Between My Teeth.

You can follow Tim at where he has great content and features author interviews and you can sign-up for his newsletter! Like his Facebook page at or you can also find him on Twitter as @timmeyer11.

Praise for Worlds Between My Teeth

“I loved this book! I really enjoy marine horror (probably because I'm hydrophobic LOL) and this is excellently done. Author Tim Meyer really knows how to delve deep into his characters, several of them in depth, and also fleshes out supporting characters too.” – The Haunted Reading Room

“I liked a lot of this story. Meyer kills it with his action scenes, his gore, and does a great job with a number of these characters. His strengths remind me of Hunter Shea. There's definitely a ton of talent here.” – Glenn Rolfe, author of Becoming

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