Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Revolver by Michael Patrick Hicks

Revolver is set in a dystopian America. Gun-loving, women-hating religious zealots have taken over. There are riots in the streets. People are starving to death. Cara Stone agrees to be on Revolver, a reality tv show where down on their luck citizens/contestants raise money for their families before killing themselves on live TV.

Michael Patrick Hicks delivers the goods! It is like the author wrote this story right after waking from a fevered dream. Revolver is allegorical in a sense. It is a warning to America and her citizens. It is a giant warning sign for American politics as well. Revolver is the most relevant work of fiction right now! Revolver reads like a Washington Irving short story because it is a cautionary tale. That ending is crazy!

The story flows well and the tension mounts as the story progresses. The author writes with confidence. I have never read anything quite like this. It is an amazing story! Everyone needs to read it! Michael Patrick Hicks has done it again!

5/5 stars!

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