Friday, May 5, 2017

Interview with Brian Fatah Steele

Brian Fatah Steele has been writing various types of dark fiction for over ten years, from horror to urban fantasy and science fiction. Growing up hooked on comic books and monster movies, his work gravitates towards anything imaginative and dynamic. Steele originally went to school for fine arts but finds himself far more fulfilled now by storytelling. 

His work has appeared in such places as 4POCALYPSE, BLOOD TYPE, WHITE FACE DEATH, 4RCHETYPES, DEATH'S REALM, THE IDOLATERS OF CTHULHU, PAYING THE FERRYMAN, and the Bram Stoker Award-nominated DARK VISIONS, VOL.1. His own titles include the urban fantasy novel IN BLEED COUNTRY, the post-mythic novella collection FURTHER THAN FATE, and the dark sci-fi collection BRUTAL STARLIGHT.

Steele lives in Ohio with a few cats and survives on a diet of coffee and cigarettes. He spends his time still dabbling in visual art, vowing to fix up his house, acting as a part-time chaos entity, spending too many hours watching television, and probably working on his next writing project.

CHHR: How long have you been writing sci-fi horror? How many books and short stories have you written?

Brian: - - I started out as a visual artist and went to college for fine arts. I became disillusioned with visual arts for a number of reasons, but had a long history with reading thanks to two parents who were educators.  I had found myself coming up with little stories for projects over the years, plus I had enjoyed a creative writing class I had once taken. I started writing purely for myself, then in online writing forums in the early 2000’s.

I put a terrible little collection of short stories out in 2007 that isn’t even available anymore, and I’ve been steadily trying to produce decent work since then. All in the realm of horror, I’ve tried different things. There is Darkness in Every Room is my sixth book, some novels and some collections. I really have no idea how many short stories I’ve written by this point, some in collections, others fortunately never seen by the public. I believe I’ve appeared in eight anthologies.

CHHR: Who is your favorite author or authors?

Brian: - - I was heavily influenced by Clive Barker, Anne Rice, and Brian Lumley in my early years. I can remember reading all of them when I was probably too young to be doing so. As time has moved on, I can easily list Warren Ellis, H.P. Lovecraft, and Laird Barron as later influences on my work.

CHHR: What books are you currently reading?

Brian: - - I just finished The Rib From Which I Remake The Word by Ed Kurtz. Absolutely amazing. I’m still trying to find time to start The Fisherman by John Langan. The paperback is sitting here on my shelf taunting me.

CHHR: What influenced you to write There Is Darkness In Every Room?

Brian: - - A number of things, but first off was my girlfriend. She’s terrified of aliens and I found that interesting. I thought about taking the idea of your typical alien abduction story and mixing it with Lovecraftian concepts. I love cosmic horror, but I also like things adventurous and bloody. Everything came together in a sort of weird amalgamation. I wanted to try and write something epic yet visceral, and still tackle a few social issues like misogyny. I wanted the book to be fun, but I wanted people to think.

CHHR: What does your writing routine look like? How often do you write? Any interesting habits?
Brian: - - I usually write in the morning, soon after I wake up. Coffee, cigarettes, and whatever music I’ve deemed is the playlist for that particular story. Every story is written to its own unique playlist or musician. There is Darkness in Every Room was written to nothing but the post-rock music of God Is An Astronaut and Collapse Under The Empire. The book I finished a while back was exclusively to Lana Del Rey. It just depends on what the story wants. I try to write every day, but that rarely happens.

CHHR: What are you currently working on?

Brian: - - I’ve finished another novel since There is Darkness in Every Room, and I’ll be looking for a publisher here soon. Extra-dimensional monsters, secret societies, blood magic, rogue gods, all kinds of fun stuff. I’m about to start to work on another novel, but I’m still working out the details. Plot points, character names, etc. Hopefully you’ll see the next book soon!

Everyone should read There Is Darkness In Every Room!

Brian, thank you for doing this interview! I can't wait to read your next book!

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