Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Becoming by Glenn Rolfe

Becoming is a great book! Glenn Rolfe pays homage to 80s horror with this story!

There is a lady like no other. She lurks beneath the waters of Jade Lake in the sleepy old town of Avalon, Maine. Kids disappear in Avalon and people begin acting odd. The townsfolk have eyes that glow with green bioluminescence. These people aren't changing, but they are becoming.

Glenn Rolfe makes you feel for the characters. I literally hate and loathe a character in this book. This character dies a horrible death. Imagine Jason Vorhees crushing some random teen's skull with his bare hands. Now, imagine Jason Vorhees crushing a person's skull with tentacles. Do you see the difference? After the death scene, I was fist pumping and yelling, "Hell yeah, Glenn!" The author must loathe that character as much as I do.

Glenn Rolfe finds his rhythm early in this book. Becoming unfolded perfectly and the ending was crazy! I want a sequel or a prequel! The author reveals just enough to leave the reader wanting more! Becoming is a fast-paced read that will hook you from the start!

There are so many memorable things that were said in this book. The way the author describes his characters is amazing. For example, "She was light, maybe a couple crackers over a hundred pounds." One of my favorite parts of the book is, "There was a new service underway. An evil upon the Earth had come up from below and she was hungry." That quote says it all!

Becoming is a fun read! I highly recommend this book to fans of horror!

5/5 stars!

Boom Town is a bonus novella in Becoming. This novella is good, but not as good as Becoming. Boom Town and Becoming is a nice combination! In 1979, a young couple watched a UFO over Hollers Hill. A blue beam blasted down from the center of the UFO into Hollers Hill, which caused the ground to boom. The rumbles are back. What is the mysterious blue ooze?

This novella is fun and disgusting! Glenn Rolfe describes his characters in such vivid details. I was grossed out by a few scenes in Boom Town!

I highly recommend this novella to fans of horror!

4/5 stars!

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