Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Hematophages by Stephen Kozeniewski

Stephen Kozeniewski hasn't just crafted a great book, he has crafted a futuristic world! The Hematophages is about Paige Ambroziak, a doctoral student who has lived her whole life on the planet Yloft. She is considered a "station bunny," and she has never been to deep space. She is offered the job of a lifetime, researching everything about seed ships. She ships out on the RV Borgwardt, a deep space salvage and rescue ship. The Manifest Destiny is discovered after going missing 200 years ago. The RV Borgwardt is sent to salvage the ship that has landed on a planet in the Endirii System. The planet is essentially a spinning organism. The planet is a fleshworld that is home to terrestrial hematophages, which are leech-like or lamprey-like creatures that live in blood. They have tooth tongues and a mouth full of circulate teeth. The hematophages need another place to live in order to survive. I will stop there because I don't want to give anything away.

I was hooked from start to finish! This book reads like a movie! The author does a great job of building the futuristic world, along with some memorable characters. My favorite characters are the skin wrappers. The dialogue was great, and the storyline unfolded perfectly. That ending was crazy! I wasn't expecting it to go down like that! I hope Stephen Kozeniewski adds to this futuristic world he created. I would definitely read a book about the skin wrappers, and I want to know what happened during the 200 years since The Manifest Destiny disappeared. I also hope this becomes a series! This is my first time reading Stephen Kozeniewski, but it won't be my last! I will definitely be reading his other work.


You can buy a copy of the book here.

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