Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Here Alone by Rod Blackhurst

A young woman (wife and mother) is struggling to survive on her own in the wilderness. A mysterious epidemic has killed most of society. She travelled with her husband and daughter into the wilderness to escape the epidemic, but they both passed away. A step-dad and a daughter stumble upon the young woman and they ban together in order to survive. The step-dad does not survive, and the zombies (infected people) find her camp. The young woman and the daughter drive away in a car, trying to escape the hoard of zombies. That is where the movie ends.

I don't really have many good things to say about this film. It spends most of the time showing the young woman hunting for food and bathing. The past is revealed through flashbacks, which was helpful; however, the type of epidemic is never revealed. The storyline was flat (no action or jumpy scenes). Maybe I'm being too harsh on this film.

I recommend this to fans of horror! It's worth at least one viewing.

3/5 stars!

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