Friday, April 7, 2017

Flowers In A Dumpster by Mark Allan Gunnells

Flowers In A Dumpster is an instant classic! I had never heard of Mark Allan Gunnells before reading this short story collection. If Clive Barker suggests this book, you know it is worth a read. This book is comprised of 17 stories that will terrify you and make you laugh. I have never seen a variety of stories like this collection before. This book spans the horror genre.

Past Lives:
It's set in a post-apocalyptic world with a couple and their kid hiding out, trying to survive. A stranger appears and they question if they should help him or not. This story looks at who the people were before the collapse of society.

The Support Group:
A funny short story that was written for Clive Barker, so you know it is good.

My favorite story out of the entire book! A couple's car breaks down and they look for help. What they discover is terrifying! A unique and awesome story!

A gay man wishes to be straight and he'll do anything. He finds a spell book that promises to make him straight, but he soon finds out that there are consequences. That ending, though!

The Bonadventure:
A great story about a group of ghost hunters who search for paranormal activity in a graveyard.

A Helping Hand:
A writer lives with his mother-in-law and daughter after his wife dies during childbirth. Great story!

The Possession:
This story is about the gay porn industry and a couple's relationship.

The Locked Tower:
A writer returns to his college campus to do research. No one will let him into the locked tower of one of the buildings. A great story!

A unique story that gives you a little bit of the story in monthly increments. It's about a woman getting back out into the dating scene. Things don't go according to her plan.

The Last Men on Earth:
This story deals with the last two living men on Earth. One man is gay and the other man is straight. Predictable, but good!

Similar Interests:
This story is about a hitchhiker versus the killer driver. I've read similar stories from other authors, but the ending was different in this story. Good story!

Walking Talking Jesus:
This is a strange story about a wooden Jesus on the cross. The wooden Jesus tries to experience and ordinary life. The ending was good!

Survival of the Fittest:
A post apocalyptic story. Not bad, but not good either. This story feels like it is the beginning of a much larger story.

Land of Plenty:
The story is about a future society that has to control its population. It is about a woman and her grandpa.

What She Needs:
This story is about domestic abuse. This story looks at who is really to blame for the domestic abuse.

Welcome Back:
The sequel to the story Welcome. Great story!

Kindred Spirit:
This story is about a husband who's passion for writing is rekindled by another writer that he met online. Great story!

Most of the stories in this collection are great! Even the ones that aren't great are good! There's not a bad story in this short story collection. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I bought it for Kindle and I own a paperback version. The cover art is great too! I am a fan of Mark Allan Gunnells.

I highly recommend this book to fans of horror!

5/5 stars!

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