Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

This is a coming of age story about Bod Owens, which is short for Nobody Owens. When he was an infant his family was murdered by a knife-wielding killer. Bod fled his crib and ended up at a nearby graveyard where he is raised by ghosts of the people who are buried there. He learns about life and is educated by these ghosts who are very old. From time to time he ventures out in the town, but it is dangerous for Bod because the killer is stilling looking for Bod. He must face Jack, his families' killer. That is all I am willing to share with you, but if you like coming of age stories or Neil Gaiman, then you are sure to love this extraordinary story. This is a rather short read, so set aside a cup of tea and dig in because this is one book you will not want to put down. It is a one-sit read! It is a page turner from start to finish! This book will make you feel, so be prepared.

5/5 stars!

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