Sunday, March 12, 2017

Odd Man Out by James Newman

After devouring this novella in one sitting I had to let it sink in because it is heavy in subject matter and it is heart-wrenching. I knew something was going to happen because the story kept getting darker as I read. This novella is about ignorance, hate, and bigotry. I kept looking at the title trying to figure out what Odd Man Out meant and now I know. James Newman is a wordsmith, writing on a heavy subject with ease and skill.
This novella had me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails. James Newman does a great job of setting the mood of the novella, then turning it up on its head. The author sucks you into the story and never lets you go. I have never hated characters in stories, but I hate several in this book. That is what makes James Newman such a good writer. I have become a fan of James Newman, and I will definitely read his other work.
I highly recommend this novella to fans of horror!
5/5 stars!

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