Sunday, March 12, 2017

Miranda by John R. Little

This book is amazing! It is original and captivating! The book is based around Michael Johnson who ages backward, from his death to his birth. Everything is backward, even the speech is backward, so he has to learn how to read backward. He begins working and he becomes reclusive after a while. He eventually starts to live by buying a dog from the local veterinarian office. He starts going out into the world, trying to experience everything, but he loves drinking, so he ends up at bars. At one particular bar, he meets a woman named Miranda who is just like him. They hit it off right away. Then, they become a couple, traveling the world, but still, Miranda is not happy. She is stuck with the notion that no one has free will, and that the two of them especially do not because everything has already happened in their lives. They already know what happens to them at certain ages of their lives. They get pregnant, but Miranda has an abortion. She then leaves and Michael waits for her to return, but they do not see each other again for many years. They try starting over, but Miranda cannot get happy because she still cannot shake the thought of not having free will. Miranda eventually tests the free will theory by stabbing herself to death with a kitchen knife. She left Michael a note saying if I die then we do have free will. Her body disappears, and Michael keeps getting younger. He knows that he will eventually have to face his abusive father once more. The author leaves the reader hanging because the story ends when he is in his early twenties and he starts running out of money. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes originality, suspense, and a great book in general!
5/5 stars!

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