Sunday, March 12, 2017

Christmas With The Dead by Joe R. Lansdale

Calvin has been living alone for two years because of an electrical storm that turned everyone who watched it into to zombies, including his wife and daughter. He barricaded himself in his house, making sure that zombies couldn’t break through the barriers. He thinks about his family and decides to celebrate Christmas. He drives to his local supermarket, picking up a Christmas tree, ornaments, and lights. Calvin has a close call getting back to his vehicle, and he even saves a starving dog from hungry zombies. Calvin and the dog make their way home together to celebrate Christmas. What will become of Calvin and the dog? Will they get to celebrate Christmas?
This was a great read for two reasons. 1.) You can’t beat zombies and Christmas together in a story. 2.) This was a fresh new take on zombies.
Joe R. Lansdale builds the story as it goes. The first part of the story informs the reader of how people were turned into zombies. The second part of the story informs the reader of how the zombies get stronger as the sun starts to set, and at night they gain their full zombie strength. That is why Calvin goes out during the day because they are at their weakest.
I highly recommend this short story to anyone who likes horror, suspense, or thrillers. Joe R. Lansdale never disappoints! It was a fun new look at zombies! Great Read!
5/5 stars!

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