Monday, March 20, 2017

A Mixed Bag of Blood by David Bernstein

A Mixed Bag of Blood is a very entertaining short story collection. The collection is made up of The Booglin, Eaten Un-Alive, It's Nice Not to Have to Share, Invasion, Samurai Zombie Killer, Small Town, Big Trouble, Bad Cutlery, Potty Mouth, and STD. These stories range from horrific to down right humorous. At times I laughed, and at other times I wanted to literally throw up. This isn't for the faint of heart or a weak stomach. I cringed while reading STD. It is probably the grossest and most painful stories I have ever read. There definitely is a story in this book for everyone. These stories span the genre. I was hooked from the beginning. It is a quick read—I read it in one sitting. I felt like I needed a shower after reading this book! I will certainly read David Bernstein's other work!

I highly recommend this book to fans of horror!

5/5 stars!

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